2 – 1 Victory over “The Final Tribe”

Posted by Erikeliasson 23 January 2019 in League of LegendsSwedish Esports League

The players displayed an impressive performance as they manage to secure a win and another two points – still climbing in the table as undefeated.

We asked our Head Coach, Samuel Harkins about his thoughts about tonights show of force.

-How do you feel about the victory tonight?

-Tonights victory is really satisfying, this week we play both other 2-0 teams, and to beat The Final Tribe tonight gives me a heap of confidence going into Saturdays game.

– I know the team has been working really hard to secure this victory. How important do you think it was for them to prove they deserved this win?

-Honestly I think todays games was the biggest pride match in the SEL, and to go in and win in two pretty convincing games is really good for the team. We prepared a lot for this week, and to see us win against The Final Tribe really puts us in contention for the best Swedish team, which all the boys really deserve.

-How scared of Östersunds FK Esports do you think the other teams is right now?

-Sitting at 3-0, having taken down the tipped favourites in pretty convincing games? I think every other teams looking at us as the team to beat, and for the other teams in the Nordic regions – Sweden is only our first stop, after that, we’re coming for you.

Next up, the League of Legends team will face up against “Co Za Asy”, which loose to us during Season 1, but has since then showed upon good performance during Season 2.

The game will be broadcasted on Östersunds FK Esports official Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/ofkesports