Introducing Addex: “I would compare myself to Caps”

Posted by Henning Eklund 7 December 2018 in News

After finishing third in the Nordic Championship last season, Addex is now ready to prove himself as the midlaner för Östersund-FK. He hopes to achieve great things with the team through his “in your face”-playstyle.

– Whether it comes to champion picks or decisions in game I always go for the aggressive options, he says.

Name: Andreas “Addex” Blikfeldt

Age: 20

Role: Midlane

What I do other than League: Not really anything else, since I really want to succeed in this field.

Rolemodel: Rookie, because of his insane skill level.

Let’s start by talking about your playstyle. How would you describe it and what are your favorite champions?

– I like champions with outplay potential that are able to turn lost fights in to wins, like Ryze and Irelia. What I also like about these champions is that if I’m ahead i can go into splitpush mode and 1v2 the enemy mid and jungler on the sidelane. Neeko is also a champion that I find very interesting at the moment, I just have to get better at her.

– I like fighting and I will always go for the aggressive option if possible, when it comes to champion picks and decisions ingame. I would compare myself to Caps, although I’m not nearly as good as him.

When did you start playing the game, and what has been your competitive experience before joining Östersund FK?

– I started playing League in season 3 because a friend told me to play it. At the time I was only playing World of Warcraft and I really disliked League the first time I played it, but for some reason i kept playing it.

– I’ve only really played in one team before joining ÖFK, wich was Valhalla Vikings back in august. We finished 3rd in the Nordic Championships, losing to NiP in the semifinals. It was a great learning experience, and knowing that we lost to the team that finished 2nd in the entire EU Masters made the loss a little bit easier to deal with.

What would you say your role in the team is?

– I’d say that I’m one of the more reasonable players in the team, and I always try to calm everyone down if something doesn’t go as planned in the game.

What are your goals for 2019 and how will you achieve them?

– It really is just to be acknowledged and respected as a good midlaner. I will achieve that by not slacking and being honest with myself about what I need to improve on.

Lastly, what would be your advice for players out there that want to get better at the game?

– Always be critical of your own performance and always be objective when trying to improve. Keeping your emotions out of the equation is very important. Personally I’m always very self-critical, because the only variable that you can control in League of Legends is your own gameplay.

Choose one:

Assassins > Control mages

Baron < Elder Dragon

Blue buff  > Red buff

G2 > Fnatic


Counterstrike > Fortnite


Henning Eklund