Introducing Kryze: “I like to play really aggressive”

Posted by Henning Eklund 11 December 2018 in News

A versatile toplaner with knowledge of many different playstyles is one of the most important things in an ever-changing meta, and that description fits Östersund FK:s toplaner Kryze just right.
Playing everything from Swain to Riven and the standard tanks in the Swedish Esports League he hopes to help the team reach new heights in 2019.

Name: Felix “Kryze” Hellström

Age: 19

Role: Toplane

What I do other than League: Running and hanging out with friends.

Rolemodel: Bwipo and TheShy.

Let’s start by talking about your playstyle. How would you describe it and what are your favorite champions?

– I usually play scaling carries or tanks, so for the most of the time I’m just chilling in lane. However I do like to play really aggressive. If I could compare myself to someone it would be sOAZ, I feel like him and I have the same playstyle, and I wish I could be as good as him in the future!

– Akali was one of my favorite champions because of her unique kit and playstyle, but after the rework she doesn’t feel the same and I rarely play her. Another favorite champion that I have been playing a lot is Riven. That might be because of her outplay potential and flashy plays.

When did you start playing the game, and what has been your competitive experience before joining Östersund FK?

– I started playing league in season 2 because a friend recommended it and I finished the season silver. In season 3 I reached diamond for the first time and since then it has only been improvement. I have been playing in some amateur teams over the years but none as big as this!

What are your goals for 2019 and how will you achieve them?

– I’m just hoping we can get far and that we can improve as a team! For me personally I’m always looking for my own mistakes and trying to fix them.

Lastly, what would be your advice for players out there that want to get better at the game?

– Look at your own gameplay after the game, that’s a common way to improve. But the most important thing is just playing a lot.

Choose one:

TP bot to help = Stay top and farm (depends too much on the situation)
Tanks < Carries
Elder Dragon < Baron
Red buff > Blue buff
G2 < Fnatic
Fortnite < CS:GO

Henning Eklund