Introducing Tyrion: “I’m confident that I can become really good”

Posted by Henning Eklund 17 December 2018 in News

The newest player on ÖFK Esports is in the support role, where Tim “Tyrion” Larsson recently replaced Krallex. He hopes to leave a mark on the team through his play on more mechanical supports, like Thresh and Pyke.

Name: Tim “Tyrion” Larsson

Age: 21

What I do other than Leauge? Studying economics, gym, great passion for animals.

Fun fact: Is the older brother of Larssen.

Rolemodel: I don’t really have anyone I look up to, but I admire Rekkles more than many other players.

Let’s start by talking about your playstyle. How would you describe it and what are your favorite champions?

– There is no such thing as aggressive and defensive players, there are stupid and smart players, and I try to play as smart as possible.You could sum it up in calculated aggressiveness. I like to always threat the enemy team without putting myself at too high of a risk. And always try to look for kills, even in bad matchups. I think my playstyle is kind of like Hylissangs, but it’s hard to make that comparison yourself.

– My favorite champions right now are Thresh, Pyke and Vel´Koz. They have a much higher skill cap and are a lot more fun to play than the other supports. I feel like if I play to much of support with no skill I will just completely stop enjoying the game and play a lot worse, so these champs help me to play better and improve.

When did you start playing the game, and what has been your competitive experience before joining Östersund FK?

– I started playing the game in season one after a friend showed it to me. Since then I have more or less constantly played it. I started playing in competitive teams in season three and have played in a few teams since then, but nothing as big as ÖFK.

What are your goals for 2019 and how will you achieve them?

– Since I am fairly new to play competitive I first want to see how good I am, and then set a relevant goal for me. I am very confident that I can become really good if I try my best but first I will see how things work out with the team. You could say my first goal is to see how good I am and then will set another goal from that.

– A big key is having the time to play a lot. I’ve never had any problems with school and working out is really important to have a better mindset and to stay focused on the games. I am a very self-critical player who constantly looking for what I did wrong and what I could do better, and I think that is important to be able to improve as a player.

Lastly, what would be your advice for players out there that want to get better at the game?

– Play a lot of games and do not focus on other people’s gameplay. Instead, always focus on what you can could do better in the game. Also, I believe playing support to climb is the worst role to do it with. First you need to get good mechanics and knowledge about the lane, but it’s hard to improve mechanics while playing support. That is one of the reasons I started playing Vel´Koz to get something more skilled than Janna.

Choose one:

Melee supports < Ardent supports

Rush mobi boots > Finish support item

Elder Dragon < Baron

Red buff > Blue buff

G2 < Fnatic


Fortnite > CS:GO

Henning Eklund