Player roster for upcoming competitions revealed

Posted by Erikeliasson 7 January 2019 in League of LegendsNewsSwedish Esports League

We’re happy to announce some updates to our League of Legends roster for the upcoming season (two) of Swedish Esports League.

The biggest change in our lineup comes as we released our Head coach Jake Hammond, as he was offered a move and position to become Head coach of Galatasaray Espor during 2019.

This led us to arrange a Tryout for a coaching position over the holidays – which in terms ended with a decision to pick up Samuel Harkins, who is an Australian coach with a fair bit of achievements behind him.

As for most of our player roster, we decided to keep our trio on top, jungle and mid, focusing on improving bot lane for the upcoming season. With that said, we released both Tyrion and Namex to be succeeded by Unforgiven as marksman and Efias as support.

-This was decided after a fair number of scrims, testing and research. The overall team decided to go with this new lineup, as the new players fit the current very well and the chemistry felt natural. The team has since seen new energy and increased competitive spirit. Says Alexander Ramlinger – League Team manager

The new roster is currently:

  • Top lane: Kryze
  • Jungle: Skeden
  • Mid lane: Adept
  • Ad carry: Unforgiven
  • Support: Efias
  • Head coach: Samuel Harkins